Make Sleep Simple

The Genius Newborn to Toddler Sleep System

As world leaders in sleep innovation, we understand the importance of sleep for you and your baby. That's why we've tailored our one-of-a-kind designs across every chapter of a young child's life.

Our three stage approach makes sleeping as easy as A-B-Zzzz!

0 - 4 months



Sleep starts here

A breakthrough swaddling solution to help your new baby settle quickly and establish a peaceful sleep routine.

Swaddle UP™

Unlike traditional swaddles that keep a babies arms by their side or across their chest, the unique arms UP design of our Swaddle UP™ replicates your baby's behaviour in the womb, allowing the natural arms up position and movement of their hands to the mouth to truly self-soothe.

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4 - 8 months



Grow to love sleep

The simplest solution to transition your baby from Swaddle UP™ to arms free – all while maintaining your baby's cherished sleep routine.

Swaddle UP 50/50™

The Swaddle UP 50/50™ is designed to grow with your baby. When your baby first shows signs of rolling, just zip off one wing allowing one arm to be free and the other swaddled. A few nights later, simply zip off the other wing allowing both arms to be free.

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4 - 36 months



Sleep sound and secure

Do away with blankets that come off in the night. Sleep soundly knowing that your child will stay comfortable & snug all night long in one of our beautifully made sleeping bags.

Nuzzlin Sleep Bag™

Our Nuzzlin Sleep Bag™ is light and breathable, designed with your child's comfort in mind.

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